Homewell - Havant GP Surgery & Clinic

Tel: 023 9248 2124

Out of Hours: 111

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri
8.00am - 6.30pm

Practice Charter

Homewell practice charter

This Practice is committed to providing a quality health service which meets the needs of our patients.  We feel that the way to achieve this is to agree a Partnership with our patients.  The success of the Partnership will depend on a number of factors.

  • Co-operation to establish shared responsibility for health between professional medical staff and patients.
  • Good communication between Practice Staff and patients.
  • Confidentiality assured.  Please see our Data Consent Form.  The Consent Form allows the practice to pass on information to nominated persons at your request.

Your Responsibilities

Help us to help you … means that we have responsibilities to each other.

To treat Doctors and all the Practice Staff with the same courtesy and respect.

Please remember that the Doctor may not always be available due to other commitments such as training courses.

To attend appointments on time or to give the practice adequate notice that you wish to cancel – lateness or non-attendance inconveniences other patients and wastes appointment times.

Not to expect to be given a prescription every time you visit the doctor.  Please remember to check you cupboards before ordering repeat prescriptions to avoid duplication and waste.

To make every effort to consult at the Surgery to ensure the best use of medical time and nursing facilities – home visits should be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience.

Only to make out of hours calls (i.e. evening, night and weekends) if the medical problem is absolutely urgent.  It is an emergency service and not a substitute for attending surgery during working hours.  The on-call GP will be working the next day.

To inform us if you change your address or telephone number as we may need to contact you urgently.

To make appointments for one person only – where another member of the family needs to be seen or discussed, a separate appointment should be made.

To call before 10.00 am for house calls if possible so that we can plan our day efficiently for everyone’s benefit.

To be responsible for maintaining, and if possible, improving your own health.

Our Responsibilities

To allow easy access to the Surgery premises, which include facilities for the disabled.

To treat you as an individual with courtesy and respect at all times.

To make it possible for you to see a doctor within two working days.  Every effort will be made to make sure you are seen at, or as close to, your appointment time as possible.  To inform you in the event of a long delay occurring and to ask if you can wait.  If you cannot, an alternative appointment will be arranged.

To explain the likely effects of any drug and review your long term medical needs at agreed times.

To help you obtain a second opinion, if we believe it necessary.

To visit you at home if you are too ill or infirm to be brought to the Surgery.

To have any suggestions you may make to improve the service considered by the appropriate team members.

To respond to a written complaint within two working days.

To allow you access to your health records, subject to any limitation in the law.  A fee may be charged to cover costs.

If you need to see a Doctor urgently, to give you an emergency appointment on the same day.  This will be for a condition which has suddenly flared up/something that has occurred in the previous 12-24 hours.  Staff will always try to accommodate young children with an urgent problem.

To give priority to patients with urgent medical conditions.  To see these patients as soon as possible, even when this will cause delay to booked appointments.

To offer you appropriate advice regarding steps you may take to promote good health and avoid illness, e.g. smoking, exercise, diet, immunisation.